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If you’re looking to buy or rent a coffee machine, Christchurch customers, look no further than Taste Coffee. Here at Taste Coffee, we infuse our passion for coffee into everything we do as a company. We supply the best range of coffee machines, from options that make filter coffee to espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines.

We have high-quality vending solutions to suit all requirements and budgets. And best of all, we stock everything that goes with our coffee machines, too. This includes the best range of coffee beans, with light, medium and dark roasts sourced responsibly from growers around the world. Give your customers the best coffee experience – call Taste Coffee today on 01202 800 600.

There Have Never Been Better Vending Coffee Machines in Christchurch

Whether you’re running a café or coffee lounge, hosting an event, managing a restaurant, or looking to equip an employee lounge, a coffee machine should always be the first order of business. Here at Taste Coffee, we have a range of coffee machines available, from in-cup and filter options to espresso machines. We even have instant vending solutions, which are perfect for employee cafeterias or where you want to offer coffee without having a staff member make the drinks. And our machines dispense more than fresh coffee, with other options including teas, hot chocolates, green teas, and more.

The Best Way to Choose a Vending Coffee Machine

Coffee machines come in all varieties, so choosing one for your needs is not always easy. Do you require a coffee machine with a built-in grinder or one that takes pre-ground coffee? Do you require a machine that incorporates milk or makes filter coffee? Or perhaps you require an option that produces coffee without needing to be prepared by a team member. Our team will discuss your requirements, considering factors such as:
  • Budget
  • Requirements
  • Circumstances
  • Available Space
  • Product Selection
We have a wide range of coffee machines available and various products and accessories to go with these machines.

    What Benefits Can You Get from a Vending Coffee Machine?

    Coffee machines are essential for any café, coffee lounge, restaurant, employee cafeteria, etc. Yet, your situation might differ, and a coffee machine might seem more of a luxury than a necessity. To make your decision easier, consider the following benefits of coffee machines:

    • Serve All Types of Coffee
    • Serve Other Beverage Options (Menu Availability will Vary)
    • Purchase or Hire Depending on Your Budget and Requirements
    • Options for Both Manned and Unmanned Counters

    Whether you’re keen to source the finest coffee beans and invest in one of our espresso machines or purchase an instant vending solution, we’ve got you covered.

    The Best Vending Machines We Have to Offer

    At Taste Coffee, we have a wide range of coffee machines available to suit all requirements, from ones that serve filter coffee to capsule, bean-to-cup, in-cup, fresh milk, and instant coffee machines.

    Let us know of your requirements. Our team works with customers to set them up with coffee machines that suit their requirements and budgets.

    Additional Products That Go with Our Vending Machines

    Besides coffee machines, we at Taste Coffee also supply everything you’ll need to get the most out of your purchase or hire. We sell a wide range of products and accessories, including coffee beans, disposables, cups, and more. We also supply other options, such as milkshakes, slushies, and iced teas.

    On our website, you can view all the products we have available for coffee machines and more. And if you’d like more details, speak to our coffee experts today.

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    Why Should You Choose Us?

    Here at Taste Coffee, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best coffee machines, products, and accessories. Our machines are from top brands and are installed and maintained by our in-house team of engineers. All our coffee is responsibly sourced, and we’re actively working with organisations like the Rainforest Alliance to reduce our impact on our surroundings.

    Our coffee experts are passionate about what they do and are kept informed through regular training. As a company, we’re proud members of the Financial Conduct Authority, so you can trust us when purchasing or hiring a coffee machine.


    If there are any questions that you’d like to ask, check out our FAQs page before you call.

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    So, if you’re looking to supply your customers with the finest coffee made using the best coffee beans, look no further than Taste Coffee. We stock it all, from instant coffee machines and espresso machines to responsibly sourced coffees with light, medium, and dark roasts available.

    And all our coffee machines, Christchurch customers, can be purchased or hired with competitive purchase prices and lease agreements. So, you can choose the right coffee machine and payment option to suit your needs.

    To find out more about our machines, products, and accessories, the quickest way to get in touch with our coffee experts is to call us on 01202 800 600. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to chat, email us at [email protected] or fill out our online contact form. A member of our team will respond to your written query as quickly as possible and answer all your questions, Christchurch customers.

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