As its too hot for coffee… try our milkshakes and improve your drinks menu. Prices start at £50 for the starter pack with seven flavours, cups and straws. Satisfy your milkshake lovers with these amazing milkshakes. There are over 50 flavours in stock and ready to be drunk, Taste offer all the cups, straws and ancillaries to ensure you produce the best milkshake. Call the office today and discuss how we can improve your cafe menu. For any more enquires call 01202800600.

Purbeck Roast Single Origin Coffee Beans

Purbeck Roast
Purbeck roast Coffee Beans. Available as a blended coffee or an Ethiopian Single Origin and an Ethiopian Single Origin. Purbeck roast has been introduced as a premium and high end coffee. This amazing coffee is light roast and perfect for the Hipster drinker who really knows their beans. As well as whole sale the Purbeck Roast is available in retail. Phone now for your sample. 01202 800600
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