Leasing a Coffee Machine


Taste Vending are here to help your business grow and develop. We therefore offer many ways to fund Coffee machines and Vending machines.

Our first option would be Leasing is a popular way to fund the purchase of a coffee machine or vending machines. This is provided by our trusted partner Tower Leasing. Their services are tailored to every customer personal requirements. Tower Leasing support Sole Traders, Ltd Companies and really any business requiring funding for equipment.

Leasing machinery offers quite a few advantages including spreading the cost of the machine, saving cash flow for unexpected costs or just day to day running of your business. There is also a tax benefits, as it is not an asset owned by you, so it is tax-exempt. If you are VAT registered, you can also reclaim VAT on the agreed monthly repayments. However at the end of the agreement we can pass ownership to you.

Our Cash purchase options is also available and can be spread over 6 months to again help cash flow and ensure the equipment is right for you.

Our business is geared to support yours and ensure you get the best option available for your café or restaurant making sure its affordable and functional for your day to day demand.

If you are looking to buy a coffee machine or vending machine then please contact the sales office and someone will assist you and go through options.

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