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The Primo Touch is the perfect tabletop solution for bean-to-cup, Italian style coffee at the touch of a screen. With a 7-inch touch screen allowing users to swipe through the drinks menu and even customise their own drinks, the Touch makes convenience coffee more immersive and interactive than ever before.

The Touch offers an extensive menu of up to 24 drink choices including a hearty espresso, frothy cappuccino, silky latte macchiato, tasty mocha and a delicious hot chocolate. Use the strength control functions to adjust the drink just the way you like it. The separate hot water outlet gives extra versatility – perfect for tea drinkers!

– Play video adverts, company messages and slideshows on the 7 inch touch screen complete with sound (TOUCH model only)
– Italian high pressure espresso brewing system
– World renowned Swiss made Ditting ceramic grinder for consistent drink quality – every drink, every time
– Large bean hopper – more than 25% larger capacity than a market equivalent
– Automatic and easy-to-operate cleansing programs
– High-quality rotary vane pump delivers consistent water pressure for a perfectly extracted espresso
– Intelligent energy saving mode – a key feature for all environmentally conscious businesses
– Easy to add any payment option

Weight 36kg
Height 793mm(With Bean Hopper)
Width 409mm
Depth 565mm

Take a look at the Westomatic site for more in depth manufacture details : Click here to see more information

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