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Product Description

The rhTT1 is the perfect combination between design and ergonomics. This machine is designed to fit every environment and to create an intuitive coffee experience for our consumers. The touch screen, 7 or 10 inches, allows you to set up entirely customisable and intuitive interfaces, and can even give you a great source of infotainment. The cup station, 165 mm tall, is equipped with two sensors that can detect cups of different heights. In addition, each machine has a separate hot water nozzle, for a high-quality infusion

rhTT1 Bean to cup machine can also be an instant machine with a huge range of drink options. This fantastic bean to cup and instant machine can dispense normal bean to cup coffees, instant coffees, Decaf Coffees, Hot Chocolates and also provide 2 different cup size options.

This Rheavendor rhTT1 coffee machine also offers freeze dried milk and cappuccino topping which means it is easy to clean and perfect for sites offering a convenient solutions.

Rheavendors combines 50+ years of manufacturing with an excellent development team to ensure the highest quality bean to cup machines. It certainly helps with their now-how with the Italian coffee market.

Rheavendors coffee machines offer a professional Italian barista into fully automated coffee preparation, due to the excellent brewing system in the Veriflex Brewer.

Because all models are equipped with variflex brewing technology the Business line coffee machine offers delicious Italian coffee specialties like classic espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato, or funky drinks like Vegan Milk options and Hot chocolates.

The Rheavendor rhTT1 comes with the all new touch screen and new interface making the more inviting to use. Also with the all new Barista look and sleek design its the perfect machine for any cafe or office

Brewer Technology

variflex® Brewer – Wow

An amazing brewer extracting one of the very best espressos due to its large and wide infusion chamber that adapts to the quantity of ground coffee required by the end user’s drink selection, this makes for the very best bespoke drink. The Variflex brewer is like no other and unique to this machine. This really is a machine not to be underestimated!

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