Matrix Soveriegn

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The Soverign Coffee machine offering a larger capacity than the Matrix Magnum. With Built-in menu including standard and large drinks a Full audit facility with High speed delivery/whipping system ensuring every drink is delivered within 10 seconds. This coffee machine heats very quickly and you will never have any downtime.

Each drink can be Programming in grams & milliliters therefore setting the perfect recipe for your drinks. Integral flush system. This machine can either be connected via mains water or pumped versions available. There are 8 drink options but then these can also go large giving you 16 drink options and the option to strengthen the drink at the press of a button.

​Espresso – Latte
Mocha – White Coffee
Black Coffee – Cappuccino
Hot chocolate – Hot water measured and on demand
Large cup Size – Choco Milk

Height: 66cm
Depth: 45.5cm
Width: 29cm
Weight: 25kg
Drink Throughput: 240 @ 3kw black coffee p/hour

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