La Rhea Cino EC


La Rhea is a new, high-end range of coffee machines. The Rhea vendor La Rhea brand combines 50+ years of manufacturing know-how with the culture of Italian coffee and the style of Milan. La Rhea‘s line of coffee machines translates the precision and consistency of a professional Italian barista into fully automated coffee preparation, as reliable in performance as it is in flavour. This Rhea vendor La Rhea EC V2 Machine comes with a Variflex brewer, Varitherm to ensure the correct temperate every time and it has a flexibility to offer personalised screen. Rent this coffee machine and provide Barista Style coffee at the push of a button. ​-Perfect and personalized brew pressure. -Perfect temperature for each kind of drink. -Perfect grind, every time.

Weight 29.4kg Height 558mm Width 318mm Depth 551mm


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