Ice machine


Fracino Ice machines are elegantly designed using the latest technology in machine construction and ice production.

The cabinets are produced from the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring maximum durability.

All machines are quiet, compact and have ingeniously designed inward folding doors providing wide access to the ice bin.

Fracino ice machines produce long last ice cubes using a patented flexible spray nozzle system and are designed to prevent calcareous build-up. Fracino machines use fresh water for each ice making cycle.

All machines are air cooled and function at their optimum, even in the hottest environments. All parts in contact with water have been designed to minimize their friction and to ensure maximum surface tension, substantially reducing the sound level.

Options of sizes

25Kg of ice per 24 hour

35Kg of ice per 24 hour

45Kg of ice per 24 hour

55Kg of ice per 24 hour

75Kg of ice per 24 hour

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