2 Group Elegance Display

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A higher capacity espresso machine, greater throughput for busier operations. A large, 11.5 litre boiler. The standard Display offers full electronic control, selectable pre-infusion on groups, two steam outlets, rotary pump and calcium neutraliser on pump and groups, plus advertising display. The Display also indicates when a service is required and when the water filtration is due. The machine is finished in polished stainless steel.

Two steam wands and one hot water tap

Time management: actual time and date

Daily automatic switch ON / switch OFF of the coffee machine

Display and digital control of the boiler’s temperature through display

Maximum control of temperatures using PID technology

Automatic switch OFF of the water pump in case of lack of water

Warning light in case of lack of water in the boiler

Overheating protector

Automatic back flushing of the brew group

Programming of the four different doses per group

Element power = 3250W

Weight = 60Kg

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