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    2 Group Eclipse Display

    The Eclipse 2 group is a great work horse and is more than capable of…

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    EX3 2 Group Coffee Machine

    The EX3 is an attractive and extremely versatile professional espresso machine. Featuring a smart design…

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    Expobar Group 2

    This 2 group espresso machine features an integral coffee grinder. Two steam arms and a…

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    La Rhea Cino Grande

    La Rhea Grande V2 is the new, high-end range of coffee machines. The La Rhea…

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    LaSpaziale S5 Range

    Rent or purchase one of these amazing Spaziale S5 machines. The range offers a 2…

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    Monroc Espresso Machine

    Rent or purchase a 2 group Monroc coffee machine. The Monroc is perfect for starting…

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    Primo Touch and Maxi

    The Primo Touch is the perfect tabletop solution for bean-to-cup, Italian style coffee at the…

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