Lets fix your coffee machine!

We employ our own in-house engineers to cover every aspect of a coffee machine, this includes.
  • Breakdowns
  • A full service including a descale.
  • A basic service
  • Pressure testing
  • Installing and moving equipment
We stock a large range of water filters to suit every machine including water coolers and boilers. Our engineers are fully trained on a wide range of equipment including, Traditional coffee machines, bean to cup producing either fresh milk or powder, vending and slush machines and many more. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to any breakdowns so our customers will always be able to sell that important cup of coffee! Please find below some of the manufacturers we support
  • Rheavendor
  • N&W
  • Evoca
  • Westomatic Vending Services
  • Crane Merchant Systems
  • Matrix Catering
  • Carimali
  • BFC
  • La¬†Spaziale
  • AA First
  • Lincat Boilers
  • Astoria
  • and more….
Give the office a call today if your machine is broken-down or just requires a little TLC.
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