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U-Roast, In-house coffee roasting. The Micro roaster machine placed at your location allows your customers to experience the whole process of roasting with the added touch of an incredible aroma. Only 20 minutes from placing the Green beans of your choice into a delightful blend or a single origin beautifully roasted bean. This also offers your customer the opportunity to purchase freshly roasted coffee, ground to suit the coffee machine they have so they can enjoy drinking it at home.


U-roast u-roast

The U-Roast Micro Roaster is a computer controlled, convection air coffee roaster. It roasts 2kg of green coffee beans in 20 minutes, giving you artisan coffee directly on your bar counter; fresh coffee at your location! The Micro Roaster is easy to use and requires little of your valuable time!

The perfect roasting solution for businesses looking for the edge in the coffee world. This fantastic little Roaster fits perfectly in any cafe or restaurant, offering that fantastic aroma of coffee and real theatre.

Our customers not only roast for themselves they can also roast some of the very best coffees from around the world and supply in retail packaging.

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