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If you’re looking to hire an instant coffee machine, Weymouth customers need look no further than Taste Coffee Online. As a reputable UK supplier of vending machines, tabletop coffee machines, and other coffee and vending options, we can cater to every requirement in the hospitality industry.

We have years of experience supplying coffee vending solutions to clients and providing knowledgeable and friendly service. Our expertise is second-to-none, enabling us to recommend the right vending solutions and products to suit all our customers’ needs. If you want to discuss the hire or purchase of one of our coffee vending machines, pick up the phone and call Taste Coffee Online today on 01202 800 600.

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As a culture, we’re undoubtedly caffeine obsessed. Walk down the high street, and you’d be hard-pressed not to see at least one of the big coffee chains. So, when you’re running a hospitality business that serves food and drink, placing coffee on your menu is a no-brainer. We stock a wide range of coffee-making solutions here at Taste Coffee Online. We’ve got you covered whether you’re keen to provide a full barista service or just want a no-nonsense coffee dispensing machine. We have various options, from pod coffee machines and espresso makers to instant coffee dispensers. And we have various ancillary products, such as our 2kg micro-roasters and water boilers. All our products can be hired or purchased, depending on your requirements and finances. Our machines are available at highly competitive rates if you’re running a business and want to buy your equipment outright. Or if you’re organising an event or lack the money to buy a coffee machine outright, our lease agreements are a great alternative. You can lease or buy any of our no-nonsense instant coffee machines. These machines sit on your service counter and do not require a staff member to operate them. The customer simply places a cup, selects their drink, and the machine does the rest.


    Advantages of Instant Coffee Machines

    There are myriad advantages to investing in instant coffee machines, and these advantages include:
    • No Skill to Operate
    • Frees Up Staff Members
    • Wide Selection of Drink Options
    • Small, Compact Size
    • Saves Money
    • Ideal for Busy Environments
    First, you won’t need a staff member to operate the machine. These machines require no special skill to operate as they are entirely intuitive. You just place a cup, select your drink, and push the button to make your drink. Then you simply follow any on-screen prompts. The beauty of instant coffee machines is that they can make a wide range of coffee beverages, from lattes to cappuccinos, mochas, and flat whites. They can also make other drinks, including tea and hot chocolate. Because an instant coffee machine, Weymouth customers, is small and compact, it can be easily placed on even a small service counter. This while still leaving ample space for condiments (sugar, milk, sweeteners, etc.), cups, saucers, spoons, etc. The process of making instant coffee involves freezing and sublimating the brewed and roasted granules. This process preserves the granules, so they last longer than coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. As a result, you can bulk buy instant coffee for your machine, saving you money without worrying about the coffee going off. Lastly, because instant coffee machines need only add hot water and/or milk to the coffee granules, each cup takes seconds to make. This allows for hundreds of cups per hour, making instant coffee machines great for busy environments.

    Our Products

    At Taste Coffee Online, we supply a range of instant machines, like our Cino EC or our Matrix Sovereign. The Cino EC can produce excellent bean-to-cup coffees, including a very strong espresso, perfect for making 12oz drinks. It has two cup-size options and boasts around ten different drink options. The Matrix Sovereign sports a built-in menu, including standard and large drinks. It features a high-speed delivery/whipping system, with drinks taking just seconds to make. To see our full range of instant machines, check out the product section of our website.  
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    Why Choose Us?

    Taste Coffee Online is a well-established, rapidly growing business that’s been supplying quality vending solutions and other products since 2012. We boast a talented team of professionals, including engineers, who can provide full technical service for the vending machines we supply. Quality and affordability underpin everything we do, and we’re committed to taking our business from strength to strength, diversifying our offerings. This enables us to meet the needs of all our customers.

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      So, if you’re looking for a company that supplies coffee vending machines for hire and purchase and you operate in the hospitality industry, look no further than Taste Coffee Online. With Taste Coffee Online, you can discover the taste of real coffee, thanks to our excellent range of products, from instant coffees to the freshest coffee beans. If you’d like to learn more about our excellent array of options, including coffee shop quality drinks, why not give us a go? And to enquire about the hire and purchase of our coffee vending solutions, pick up the phone and call 01202 800 600. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or email [email protected].
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