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Are you looking to hire an instant coffee machine? Bournemouth customers need look no further than Taste Coffee Online. We offer the widest range of coffee machine options, including pod coffee machines and espresso machines. We have coffee markers to suit all hospitality setups, whether you have a counter team making and serving the coffee, a self-service option, or both.

We boast an excellent track record of supplying customers with the best coffee-making solutions, so we’re sure to have an option that’s right for you. And with the option to hire or purchase our coffee makers, you pick the option that works best for your business. To learn more, call our team on 01202 800 600.

Looking for Good Quality Instant Coffee Machine Bournemouth?

Customers demand caffeinated goodness wherever they go, and your business will be well set up to cater to these demands with one of our excellent coffee markers. Here at Taste Coffee Online, we stock a wide range of coffee machines, including:
  • Instant Machines
  • In-Cup Machines
  • Bean to Cup Machines
  • Fresh Milk Coffee Machines
  • And More
And we have an excellent range of ancillary products to choose from, including our 2kg micro-roasters, water boilers, snack points, and more. Whatever vending solutions you require for your hospitality environment, you can trust our coffee Bournemouth team to deliver. We recognise that while some customers prefer to hire equipment, other customers might have the funds to purchase the equipment outright. To that end, we offer both options with cash purchases and lease agreements available. Purchases are often better for established businesses that wish to own the equipment outright. While lease agreements are often better for smaller businesses without the finances to buy expensive machines or for events, regardless, we’ve got an excellent range of instant coffee machines to hire and buy. An instant coffee machine, Bournemouth customers, delivers instant satisfaction. There’s no special skill to operate these machines, and they can be placed at the service counter for customers to use. This frees your staff members up for more important tasks. Customers place a cup, make their drink selection, and the machine does the rest. Each machine is programmed to correctly mix each drink, and this programme can be altered, for instance, to make a drink sweeter or increase or decrease the amount of milk added.

    How to Choose the Best Instant Coffee Machine for You?

    When choosing the right coffee machine, customers should always consider certain factors, such as:

    Ease of Use

    Size and Weight

    Bar Pressure


    Heating Element

    Steam Arm

    Water Tank and Capacity

    Automatic Shut-Off

    Not all these factors apply to instant coffee machines, but the ease of use, size and weight, capacity, and automatic shut-off are features worth noting.

    Instant coffee machines are the best option if you want a no-nonsense way to dispense coffee that doesn’t require a staff member to prepare each drink. If your counter is short on space, smaller, more streamlined options are available. In fact, most of our instant coffee machines are designed to fit easily on counters of any size.

    All our instant coffee machines have a decent capacity, too. Remember, the larger the capacity, the less you’ll have to refill the consumables within the machine.

    Advantages of Instant Coffee Machines

    There are countless advantages to using instant coffee makers over other coffee machines, like pod coffee machines and espresso makers. For one, instant coffee machines require no special skill to operate, and you won’t need a staff member to prepare each drink. It’s so simple; customers need only place a cup under the machine, make their drink selection, and hit the button to make the drink. Another great advantage of instant coffee machines is that they can prepare a wide selection of drinks, from lattes and cappuccinos to Americanos and flat white coffees. Instant coffee machines are small and compact enough to be placed down on any business service counter, leaving plenty of space for cups, saucers, spoons, etc. Because of how instant coffee is prepared, it lasts a lot longer than coffee beans or freshly ground coffee. Because of this, you can buy coffee for the machine in bulk without worrying about it going off. Instant coffee is often cheaper, too. And because the machine only has to add hot water and/or milk and sugar, instant coffee machines can churn out cups much quicker than other machines. This makes instant coffee machines great for busy environments.
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    So, if you’re looking to hire a coffee maker for your premises, look no further than Taste Coffee Online. We specialise in supplying coffee machines to the hospitality industry, with a wide range of options available, from espresso machines to pod coffee machines. And we offer the best choice of coffee Bournemouth customers have tasted. If you want to learn more about our excellent product range or our hire and purchasing options, call Taste Coffee Online on 01202 800 600. Or you can learn about hiring an instant coffee machine, Bournemouth customers, by filling out our online contact form or emailing [email protected].
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