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Are you looking to Lease or purchase a coffee machine in Portsmouth?  customers need look no further than Taste Coffee Bournemouth, as we stock vending machines and coffee machines to suit any business. And discover the real taste of coffee with our excellent range of products, including coffee beans, ground, and instant coffees.  We’re a reputable UK supplier with an excellent track record of supplying top-quality vending machines, tabletop coffee machines, and other coffee vending solutions. For over a decade, we’ve supplied businesses and organisations with all their coffee solutions, including fresh milk coffee machines, bean to cup setups, grinders, and more.  From dairy-based coffees to robust, aromatic espresso delights, we have the means to cater to all requirements. And with the option to hire or purchase any of our vending solutions, you can pick the right option for your business.  Begin your Taste Coffee Bournemouth journey today by calling our team on 01202 800 600. 

Our Various Coffee Vending Machines 

Here at Taste Coffee Bournemouth, we recognise that no customers will necessarily have the same requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of options, including different types of vending machines. These options include: 
  • Instant Machines 
  • In-Cup Machines 
  • Bean to Cup Machines 
  • Fresh Milk Coffee Machines 
  • And More 
And we have many more options to choose from, from 2kg micro roasters to capsule machines, water boilers and sanitiser units. Whatever you require for your setup, you can trust Taste Coffee Bournemouth to have you covered.  With Taste Coffee Bournemouth, you have two options: cash purchase or lease agreement. Cash purchases are great for established businesses wanting to own their coffee and drinks machines outright. In comparison, lease agreements are ideal for events or businesses that cannot afford to buy the machines outright.  Speak to us concerning your requirements or if you want us to expand on the details below. 

Instant Machines

Instant machines deliver delicious satisfaction in moments. These machines require no special skill to operate, so they can be placed at your service counter for your customers to use. Functionality is completely intuitive; the customer places their cup, selects their desired beverage, and the machine does the rest.  We have some great options available, such as the Matrix Sovereign, which includes a built-in menu, a full audit facility with a high-speed delivery/ whipping system, and a rapid-fast heating mechanism. Drinks are delivered within ten seconds, and various options are supported, such as espresso, mocha, and black coffee. 

In-Cup Machines

In-cup machines are somewhat like instant machines but differ in one major respect. The loose ingredients are housed in separate hoppers/ canisters with instant machines and mixed depending on which drink is selected. With in-cup machines, we supply pre-filled cups. These cups contain pre-mixed ingredients–all you need to do is load the cups into the machine.  When a customer selects a drink option, the relevant cup is dispensed, and water and/ or milk are added to the pre-mixed ingredients. One example is the Darenth Elite, which comes with five drink selections, and a sugar option and can support a payment system of tokens.  In-cup machines are a great choice for trade counters and are designed for self-service. 

Bean to Cup Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines have the added benefit of eliminating the need for a separate grinder. The coffee beans are loaded into a hopper attached to the machine. Some machines can support different types of beans, such as light, medium, and dark roast. Or beans from different regions of the world.  When a drink is selected, the machine dispenses the necessary quantity of beans, grinds it to the desired consistency, and then dispenses the ground coffee into the cup. Then the machine adds the water and/ or milk. Some machines even come with a milk frother, which is necessary for making cappuccinos and lattes.  Our bean to cup vending machines, Portsmouth customers, include the La Rhea Cino EC, the design of which is enriched with the culture of Italian coffee. The La Rhea combines an Italian barista’s professional, authentic skills into a fully automated package.  

Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Fresh milk coffee machines are the perfect choice for those who love dairy with their caffeinated beverages. They can be loaded with farm-fresh milk and provide the most excellent barista-style drinks, such as cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas at the touch of a button.  These machines differ from other dispensing options that typically use UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk, which can be stored at room temperature. Fresh milk coffee machines usually have two separate tanks that store the fresh milk, keeping it cool, and these tanks have separate dispenser nozzles. So, if customers just want a glass of milk, that’s an option, too. 

Other Vending Machines You May Want to Try

In addition to coffee machines, Portsmouth customers can also purchase and hire other vending solutions from Taste Coffee Bournemouth. These solutions include: 
  • 2kg Micro Roasters 
  • Juice Machines 
  • Slush Machines 
  • And More 
You can learn more about these options below. 

2Kg Micro Roaster

Take the coffee experience you offer to the next level. Instead of buying pre-roasted beans, buy raw beans and roast them yourself. With the 2kg micro roaster, you can roast your own coffee beans just the way you want them.  The U-Roast is the perfect in-house coffee roasting solution. Its compact size means it can be easily placed anywhere, and the aroma is one that’ll entice more people through your door. The process is fast, too, with green beans roasted in as little as 20 minutes. Customers can also place orders for beans roasted to their preference and ground (if desired) to suit their chosen brewing method. 

Juice Machines

Juice machines are common in commercial venues, from restaurants and hotels to workplace cafeterias. Customers can enjoy fresh, great-tasting juice drinks, with sparkling and still variants available at the touch of a button. Our juice machines incorporate filtered water and patented technologies to deliver the best experience.  They are small and light, approved for schools, and can deliver 120 litres of chilled juice per hour. 


Nothing cools the body quicker on a hot summer day than a delicious slush machine. Come to Taste Coffee Bournemouth and procure or lease one of our excellent slush machines, and give your customers a cool and refreshing treat. 

Why Choose Us

Taste Coffee Bournemouth opened its doors in 2012, and for the last ten years, and in that time, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength. Not only do we provide  customers in Portsmouth  with the best coffee vending machines, but we offer complementary services, too.  We have a team of highly trained in-house engineers who are on hand to assist in a range of capacities, from breakdowns and pressure testing to installation, equipment movements, and full services. We also keep everything you’ll need in stock to keep your machines ticking over nicely.  Plus, we stock a whole host of products from various exciting coffee brands. This ensures that you’re always serving your customers (and employees) with the very best caffeinated beverages and more.   

Contact Us Today

So, if you’re looking to hire or purchase one of our coffee vending machines, we at Taste Coffee Bournemouth will be delighted to oblige you. For years, we’ve been bringing the quality aromas and flavours of coffee to countless coffee lovers with our excellent range of commercial coffee machines.  And there are also other great options we supply, like fresh milk coffee machines, juice machines, slush machines, and more. Whatever drinks you’re looking to serve, whatever your business, we’re sure to have an option so fit, like our bean to cup machines, which are perfect for any cosy coffee shop.  From instant coffees to coffee beans, teas, cold drinks, hot chocolates, and sundry products, we also boast a range of items worth checking out. With Taste Coffee Bournemouth, you get the complete package.  To get started, call us on 01202 800 600, fill out our online contact form or email [email protected]. We’ll reply to your written query as soon as possible.  
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